DJs can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Tyrone B Nelson.


Hailing from the landscapes of Zurich in Switzerland, the Swiss/ Filipino DJ - producer, composer and remixer, Tyrone B Nelson, began hitting the ground running in the music realm during his teenage years in the early 90s, when he started honing his craft with a set of turntables, and creating a signature sound and stylization that he could call his own. Since that time, he has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted DJ that has garnered positive reception and critical acclaim throughout the music industry with his dynamic take on electronic and House Music; and has no intention of slowing down his momentum anytime soon.


Tyrone started performing in the early 90s as a resident every Friday in his town’s local School club and focused primarily on hip hop. As a young "hip hop" kid and aspiring artist, he experimented with many different genres and began his artistic development behind the turntables. He frequently attended Techno/ Rave parties, and soon became a part of the scene and started listening to House-Beats. This is when House Music ultimately, became his biggest interest and he quickly began thriving in the House Music scene.


It wasn’t long after this that Tyrone began gracing the stage. Between the age of 16 and 19, he got booked at some of the most famous clubs and hot spots in Zurich, Manila (Philippines), Germany, and quickly started garnering a large fan base and prominent name throughout the industry. During this time period, Tyrone was signed to Real House Productions, owned by Chan-Dru and Cirillo. The label organized some of the hottest parties called “Angels of House“ in the Albisriederhaus venue in Zurich City (Switzerland) alongside other elite DJ’s

including Junior Jack, Whiteside, Antoine, Mas Ricardo, Aston Martinez, Zsu Zsu, and many others.


In 2003, Tyrone went to the spanish island Gran Canaria for one year as a resident DJ, and spun hip hop classics regularly at Black Sugar, a famous hip hop bar located in the Kasbah Shopping Center. On weekends, he performed at other prestigious clubs in the area, including Zig Zag, Pacha, and Chic at Plaza.


After a few years acting as a DJ and organizing all kind of parties, Tyrone left his passion for a while for educational reasons and for starting his own business, the embroidery company „Stickerei Baggenstos“ what designs labels shirts, hats and other DJ merchandising.


In 2010, Tyrone’s younger brother Glenn Andrew started the underground label Taktsystem, with the aim to build a music foundation alongside Tyrone and other DJs/best friends from childhood: Jibone, DK13, Don Vincent, Zeljko (R.I.P.), Marvin J, Nikos Voutsas and Kosta Greco.


In 2017, Tyrone started the event & project “Montak“ with his brothers Glenn & Marvin at the legendary Babette Club in Zurich (Switzerland). The event series was a total success and gave him the chance to be alongside some of the most renowned acts of the electronic music scene, including Darius Syrossian, Mihalis Safras, Marc Maya and Jey Kurmis, and several others.

The trio of brothers (Tyrone, Glenn & Marvin) also started a new underground event series in the legendary Evita Bar in Wetzikon (Switzerland), which turned into one of the best hot spots during that time for Tyrone and the electronic music scene collectively.


He also joined forces with the independent underground label Lemon Juice Records (Switzerland/UK) and obtained his first record deal for worldwide releases.


Today, Tyrone is a houshold name in the Electronic and House music scene, and performs in many high end DJ line-ups including Darius Syrossian, Mendo, Anna, Mike Väth, Mihalis Safras, Marc Maya, Jey Kurmis, Emanuel Inglese, Gianni Callipari, Lj Guru, De la Maso, Cosi Dee, Boran Ece, Helen Brown, Pazkal, Tanja La Croix, Styro 2000, George Lamell, Juzz, Nici Faerber, FEM, Dario La Mazza, Fabri and many more. Tyrone’s name in the scene is one of recognition, familiarity, and success as he continues his journey as one of today’s hottest DJs.


As Tyrone B Nelson continues to compose, create, evolve and spread the heat throughout 2018 and beyond, be sure to connect with him on his social media/website and music streaming platforms for News, Music, Events, Booking, Contact Info, and anything else related.

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